Basic Human Sensory Organs: To Understand Life In A Better way

Do you know how many senses we humans have? We have basic a total of five senses only called touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste. Talking about the sensing organs, they are associated with each sense responsible to send information to the brain to help to understand the world around us indeed.  Though the fact cannot be ignored that we do have other senses as well. 

  • Let’s Understand The First Sense – 

Touch is regarded as one of the important Set of Human Sensory Organs. Touch is thought to be the first experience which humans are known to develop. Here, it needs to mention that touch is known for consisting of a variety of distinct sensations which communicate to the brain following highly specialized neurons. Whether it is about the light touch, pain, other sensations, etc., are called the part of touch sensitivity. 

  • The Next On The List Is Sight – 

Sight is called another important one on the list. We perceive things through the eyes and it is a bit of a complicated process without any doubt. Light is known for reflecting off an object to the eye. Here, it needs to be mentioned that the layer formed outside and transparent is known as the cornea and it is responsible to bend the light which goes in and passes through the pupil. Because of our eyes, we can see things and analyze them properly. 

  • Hearing: Our Ears Play A Major Role– 

The human ear is helpful to hear the sound. We get the sound funneled through the external ear and they get into the auditory canal. Our eardrum catches the sound. connective tissue forms a sort of thin layer which is known for vibrating when sound waves meet it. If our ear is not healthy then it would be tough to observe the sound in an ideal manner.

  • Smell: What If You Lose It – 

What if you lose your smell, you might feel confused a bit. Humans probably can smell over several scents as per the studies. It happens because of the olfactory cleft available on the nasal cavity roof. They are next to the smelling area of our brain. Studies say that nerve endings available in the olfactory cleft are responsible for letting your brain get the smells. 

You might have read about what are the types of cells and understood how they behave. You should also be aware of the fact that sense organs are known for containing groups of specialized cells which are called receptor cells. They are known for producing electrical impulses.

  • Taste – 

And one of the most important is Taste. It makes us understand the taste of food. We have four different tastes called salty, sour, sweet, and bitter. Do you know there is one taste? Yes, it is true. It is called umami or savory. You may call it the fifth one. We could say that there are many tastes which we probably have not discovered yet. 

The sense of taste can also be associated with human evolution indeed. Talking about the bitter or sour taste, it indicated it was all rotten or poisonous. Moreover, food that tastes salty or sweet, hints about the food loaded with nutrients. 

We can say that without sense our life is almost incomplete. It adds more fun to our life. We could imagine things in a better way indeed. If you could not understand the taste of food, you probably would not enjoy the food. 

Conclusion – 

Our senses do make us understand everything happening around us. Without senses, we could be confused a bit. Because of our senses, it became possible to live a good life.


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