The famous Barry Hankerson is soon going to rebrand his old record label named Black Ground Records as Black Ground Records 2.0. He is the uncle of the late pop star Aliyah. She was introduced to this industry by him only.

 So let us find out his reason behind this move.


Barry has said that he has decided to re-label his record after meeting with the young and talented Autumn Marini. According to Barry, she is one of a kind. She pens her own songs, beautiful and above all she is hard working.

Barry also shared that the shooting of the first video for her song has started in Atlanta. It is being reported that a lot of streets were closed for the shoot. Marini is also the reason for Barry for re-labeling his record.

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 Barry had supported other singers in the past as well. They include famous singers like Tank, Jo Jo, and Toni Braxton.

Marini is not the only singer for whom Barry has re-labeled his record. As reported by him the aim of Black Ground Records 2.0 is to find more artists like Marini and provide them with a platform to showcase their talent.

 Right now we do not know when Autumn Marini’s new album will be out or how many new artists will be revealed by this label all that we know is that Barry is looking for some new singers then they will be of top class/ quality.

Barry has also said that Marini has a bright future ahead in her life if she continues her hard work. We can assume that Marini could come up with her very own solo album in a year or 2 years’ time.

So we come to an end here and will be back soon.

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