After capturing the world’s attention with his fiery performance in the Netflix series “Squid Game,” Wi Ha-joon is now playing a “crazy” character as “K” in the tvN drama “Bad and Crazy.” This new drama, starring Lee Dong-wook, will premiere at the end of 2021 and continue until the beginning of 2022. In the show’s title, Lee Dong-wook and Wi Ha-joon play the roles of Bad and Crazy, respectively.

Aside from these two ladies, VIXX member N (Hak-yeon) will play a good-hearted police officer named Oh Kyung Tae in the upcoming K-drama . Following the conclusion of the Park Hyung-sik blockbuster ‘Happiness,’ the new tvN drama has taken over the Friday and Saturday time slots, replacing the Park Hyung-sik blockbuster.

Release Date

The K-drama ‘Bad and Crazy’ will launch on December 17 at 10.40 p.m. KST (8.40 a.m. ET). Following that, new episodes will be released every Friday and Saturday until the end of the year. This K-drama only contains 16 episodes instead of the normal 16. There will only be 12 episodes of ‘Bad and Crazy,’ starring Lee Dong-wook and Wi Ha-joon.

Bad and Crazy: all you need to know about Lee Dong-wook and Wi Ha-South joon's Korean drama
‘Bad and Crazy’:all you need to know about Lee Dong-wook and Wi Ha-South joon’s Korean drama

‘Bad and Crazy’ where to watch? 

The South Korean television network tvN broadcasts the show “Bad and Crazy” on a regular basis to its viewers. International fans can watch a free delayed broadcast of the K-drama on the iQIYI website a few hours after it airs on television.

The mystery-thriller drama ‘Bad and Crazy,’ which airs on KBS, also has some fantasy elements

The plot of the Korean drama ‘Bad and Crazy’ revolves around a crooked yet practical detective with a split personality and a strong sense of justice. Lee Dong-wook will play Ryu Soo-yeol, a police officer with questionable morality. Soo-yeol is willing to go to any length to attain success. He’s made considerable progress in the short time he’s been working. The appearance of K (Wi Ha-joon), a good guy with a dark side, upends his placid existence.


Lee Dong-wook and Wi Ha-bromance joon’s and great chemistry reveal how compatible and humorous their characters are in the program’s trailer, which was published on November 26. Wi Ha-joon plays ‘Crazy Helmet Guy’ K, while Lee Dong-wook portrays ‘Career-Oriented Detective’ Ryu Soo-yeol.

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