Armie Hammer has said something awful about his sex life recently that has created fuss on Twitter about him for disclosing something very personal about him which is proved to be a misconduct.

What happened?

Some DMs of Armie Hammer has been disclosed by the anonymous account of House of Effie. This was surfaced on Instagram revealing his sexual fantasies, referencing to rape and violence.

Here you can see the screenshots of actor’s DM-

In the DM, a woman alleges Armie telling him a cannibal.

How did actor react?

“Call me by your name” star called all this online attack a bullshit and stepped back. He said that all of these are rumour and there is nothing to do about it with him. Everyone has a past and everyone changes. This doesn’t mean that you should shrug anyone for his past.

Is there any past of actor?

During his interview, he even shared the weird sexual experience faced by him with his former girlfriend. He said that, “Once his girlfriend tried to kill him when they were having sex.”

He was seeming heartbroken. He even said that, “True love leave scars. I was not in mood to share the story but my inner conscience did. We broke up after almost 7-8 months but still not able to get through the incident.”

Previous controversy about actor:

As known from the media, “Rebecca” actor called himself a ‘dominant’. He even passed disgraceful statement saying that, he loves to enjoy holding women by hairs and neck during sex.

But his statement was completely changed after getting married to Elizabeth Chambers in 2013. He said that, “It is just an awful act that you pull your wife’s hair and grab her neck during sex. It is a known fact that after you get married, you change. And this fact has worked on me too.” 

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