As we know the recently released sequel of the 2009 film named Avatar: The Way Of Water didn’t perform as per expectations and opened with $134 Million in North America.  On Monday, the film witnessed a collection of 18 crores which is a 60% drop from the collection on Sunday which was 100 crores. In the initial three days of release, the movie break the record and crossed over 100 crores, but on the fifth day, it falls drastically. From 100 crore to direct 18 crores, this drop is literally dangerous and it needs a solid grip as soon as possible, or else the famous director James Cameron will lose the race. 

Avatar: The Way Of Water Performance in India!

Since its release on December 16, unlike other places, it performed well in India. On Tuesday, the film earned 14-16 crores but overall it needs a tight and bold thread to resist the demotion. All total the sequel collected 160-162 crores in a five-day theatrical run which isn’t that bad. When the trailer of this unique film was dropped by the creators it seriously created havoc in the industry. The level of excitement and expectations are as high as the skyscraper. 

What’s the Alert?

As per the reports, Avatar 2 is likely to cross the 200 crores mark this week and if the results are not in our favor, then it’s seriously a red alert. It will be awful if the sequel which was prepared in 14 years didn’t get these numbers. On a positive note, there are chances that the movie can beat the numbers, as the shows are still full in India. 

What’s the reason behind the fall?

Honestly, there’s no specific reason as it’s up to the audience how much they cherish the film. The film stars Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Kate Winslet, and Stephen Lang as the main characters. Moreover, as per the reports, the celebs Kate Winslet and Zoe Saldana are not satisfied with their roles as they are not given as much priority as they deserve. So, maybe this is the reason behind the fall!

If you have watched the movie, then do share your views on the dangerous drop of Avatar: The Way of Water and keep in touch! 


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