The Brand New Sequal, Avatar 2, earned $134 million from theatres in North America and $300.5 million from internationals. In short, globally the film earned $434.5 million which isn’t beyond expectations but still managed to grab attention., the sequel was released in 4,202 theatres on over 12,000 screens of which 400 were IMAX 3D. 

With that being said, there is no doubt that everyone expects the sequel of any movie to be better than the first one and the same thing happened with the sequel of the 2009 film, Avatar. Avatar: The Way of Water, created by the most innovative filmmaker named James Cameron didn’t blast up as many assumed it would.

Expectations From Avatar 2

Fans have enormous expectations from Avatar 2 as it took more than twelve years to launch its sequel. The creators also thought that the film would get a lot of praise but sadly it didn’t live up to their expectations. Though the VFX effects, and animation quality is remained stunning, whether the Na’vi characters, the runtime, or the technical advancement, but, it couldn’t gain popularity among the fans this time. It seems that fans were expecting a better grip on the storyline. 

What Did the President of Wall Disney Say In the Interview?

After the release of the trailer on 22nd November, many were expecting a domestic debut of at least $150 million or higher, but unfortunately, the mission was incomplete. Approximately, 66% of the $435 million came from worldwide 3D ticket sales. Everyone from creators to fans has high expectations from this sequel. When Disney looked at pre-sales they thought that The Way of Water was going to be a different kind of beast. 

In an interview, the Co.’s executive vice president of Walt Disney passed a statement that We’ve got a terrific movie that is playing across all the demographics and has a terrific word of mouth. This film isn’t about the opening days or weekends instead it is about the entire run.

Overall, the sequel is fantastic and shows the struggling story of Sully family. It portrays how the family copes with the troubles that follow them, the battles they fight to save each other, and the tragedies they endure. Hence, apart from the gossip and figures just go and watch out the blockbusting film and check out the trailer below, if you didn’t watch it yet! 


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