A lot of Automobiles companies are concerned with the new Wifi-based technology through which vehicles will be able to communicate with everything. 

Earlier there used to be a V2X (Vehicle to everything) technology through which vehicles used to communicate with each other and know about other things such as weather, navigation, nearby accidents, traffic etc. The main idea behind the technology was also just to provide information about such things. 

Federal Communication Commission Argument

The federal communication commission recently got into a fight with the Department of Transportation this year. The reason for the fight was about a new technology in V2X that would use WiFi-Based communication with each other. There will not be the 5.9 Ghz radio wave band which used to do the job.  

Ajit Pai, the chairman of federal communication commission has resigned from his post and will leave the seat by 20 January. The announcement came on November 18. It was Pai who introduced the new technology of communication for vehicles.


The decision of WiFi-Based technology was considered as very dangerous by the transportation department because the WiFi technology was not sufficiently tested and there are possibilities that the technology might increase road accidents and deaths.

The reason why the technology is dangerous is that the cars will not only be able to communicate with the other wifi vehicles, but everything that has a wifi in its surroundings which might result in a system crash. The vehicle will interfere with other Wifi devices nearby and it will jeopardize the road safety.

Though some of the companies like Audi have accepted the new technology, a lot of automakers are still not convinced whether to go ahead with it or not. Although we will get to see in the near future what did they decide.

But whatever the decision comes, We hope that it will be in favour of the safety of people.


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