We have already discussed about Armie Hammer and his sexual fantasies before. In that, Armie wants to hold neck and pull hairs of partner while make out. Here is one more thing we got from her ex which is just awful.

What happened?

In a pillow talk, Armie’s ex-girlfriend, Courtney Vucekovich gave a jaw-dropping statement about the actor which is very enough to shoch someone.

What did she say?

Courtney says that her dating experience with Armie was like hell. He, in his fantasy, thinks that which part of girlfriend’s body was best to roast and eat.

Lol this is disgusting and funny at the same time!

In an interview, Courtney said that, “When I was dating him, it was like dating an old-school strict professor. He always used to say that he wanted to break my rib and other parts of body, barbeque it, and eat.”

Read further for more disgust:

Cortney even expressed her awfulness in the interview. By having memories of her past experience with Armie, she says that, “He always used to cut my hand, suck and lick it and says that I wanted to have its bite.”

Armie’s controversy:

Recently, on social media, some screenshots were viral from an anonymous account of “House of Effie”, which proves himself a cannibal and revealed his rape fantasies.

In that screenshot, Armie has also said user that, “I want to cut one of your fingers and keep it to myself and want to lick it whenever I want to.”

You can have glimpse of DMs here-

In another screenshot, he says that, “Yes, I am cannibal from my head to toe and not ashamed of that.”

Divorce of Armie:

Yes. You heard it right!

“Call me by your name” star is to get divorce from his wife, Elizabeth Chambers.

She says that, “In starting, he will enter like a very amazing person. His presence will make you feel so good. But as soon as you will get you will get close to him; he will manipulate you and show you the scariest part of himself.”

Final words:

It is still traumatic for Cortney. She submitted herself to Armie physically and emotionally as well. But now, she feels that she was manipulated to the hell out.

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