Trailer of “Ark 2” has been released. It features Vin Diesel as a Captain of a jungle’s tribe which is battling for their existence against rival tribes and dangerous creatures.

Vin diesel is starring as the main player in the action-packed sequel of the video game ARK, ARK 2. The trailer shows Vin Diesel in a mysterious jungle area fighting against dinosaurs along his tribe.

What is ARK?

ARK is a survival, action, adventure-based game where we have to fight against species of dinosaurs on a dangerous island. It is also a choice-based game and the player can Kill, Tame or fight the dinosaur they encounter. 

This game includes weapons from stone age to hi-fi arsenal.

Sounds so interesting!

ARK: Survival Evolved

It was a game developed after the first part and gave the player access to create their own storyline as the game didn’t have much.

here is the epic theme of ARK which is a sound track.

Something about “ARK 2”:

The cinematic trailer didn’t give much details about the gameplay’s look, but theories suggests that it might focus in narrating the story. 

Vin diesel is seen as leading his group from a dangerous forest when he is encountered by a rival tribe. After Vin and his daughter makes their way through the fight, they rush into a cave filled with high-tech arsenal and machinery which then leads them to an environment filled with islands floating in thin air.

As Vin Diesel disappointed his gamer fans by appearing at the game awards 2019 an making an announcement for Fast & Furious Crossroads. The fans were disappointed by the title and gameplay as it seemed like an old game playable on PS2 or Xbox 360.

But Vin made his comeback with ARK 2 in a hope to fulfil the desires of his gamer fans.

As we wait, more information will be gathered about ARK 2, and we might expect not to wait too much. We can only sit back and wait for the game to be released and expect many new surprises and new excitement from ARK 2.

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