After so many controversies that happened a year ago with Kanye West, he is back on track in the industry. He has released his new latest album named “Donda” on 6th August 2021, and on the same date the Weeknd is releasing his new single song “Take My Breath”.  The fans are suspecting that maybe the two of them are dropping a song together or it’s a mere coincidence.


People started speculating after Weeknd said that they would love to work with Kanye again in their latest interview. Shortly after this interview West also shared a screenshot of call logs with the Weeknd and also some chat messages. Ever since then the fans are going bonkers about the possibility that maybe they will surprise them with a surprise song on the 6th of August.  The possibility of this happening is very high because the two of them had collaborated earlier as well on a song named “FML”.


The song Take My Breath is a light-hearted song. It has the pulsing disco beat. The song is about a beautiful woman beating Weeknd. The artist can be seen wearing a plastic mask and carrying an oxygen cylinder. The song was revealed by the women’s track and field team for the Olympics.

The album Donda is the 10th individual album by Kanye West. He has named the album after her late mother, Donda West. The album features 24 songs, each of them are either hip-hop or rap. The whole album is right now trending across social media platforms. You can listen to the album on the Apple music store and you can also buy a digital copy of the album from Kanye’s own store.

So for no collaboration song has been revealed. It could be a mere coincidence that both of them released their song and album on the same day but also we cannot rule out the possibility that they might work together in the future. 

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