It is very common in Pollywood to watch a male actor making his entrance in full glory, twisting his moustache in a Thar and fighting off goons which are teasing the female actress. Well, to be very clear this movie is definitely not a typical Pollywood movie which I just now described. The movie I’m referring to breaks all the stereotypes of a Punjabi flick. This movie is not about a Jatt, this is about a bold, strong headed and outspoken Jatti who is going to stand for herself by breaking all the so-called norms of the society. This movie will leave you thinking about the leading actress for years. There is a very strong message of women empowerment in the film. And you’re getting not just one, but two female characters passing on the message… how things can be very much different in a society if women stand up for their rights and not just that, but also know what’s right and stand up for it too.

‘Ardab Mutiyaran’ is the name of the movie which is being hyped up. This movie has set an example in Pollywood that new concepts and ideas are welcomed with highly positive response. This flicker is a women-oriented film although a few cliché moments will definitely won’t get ignored. Pollywood movies need more screenplays like this one to break the stereotypes in the modern world.




Sonam Bajwa is an Indian-Punjabi film actress. Sonam was born in Uttarakhand and didn’t grow up learning Punjabi, but she is a strong believer that one should always be connected to their mother tongue and that is her motivation to learn Punjabi language and know how to read and write it as well.

She has played many roles since 2013 when she made her debut in Pollywood. Before ‘Ardab Mutiyaran’ she was never seen in such a bold character. The leading actress of the film, driving ‘Ardab Mutiyaran’ on her shoulder effortlessly and beautifully. She is playing the role of a stubborn self-dependent Desi girl going by the name, Babbu Bains. She won best actress award in PTC Punjab Film Awards for her outstanding performance in ‘Ardab Mutiyaran’ in 2020.


Mehreen Kaur Pirzada is majorly seen in the Telugu film industry. She made her Debut in Tollywood in 2016. She is a phenomenal actress working on different platforms and in different languages. She has been a part of Bollywood, Tollywood, Kerala Film Industry and in 2019 she appeared in Punjabi language film ‘Ardab Mutiyaran’.

Mehreen Pirzada is yet another character in the film who is taking the front seat with Babbu Bains in driving the film. Mehreen Pirzada as Shruti Chadda is a rival of Babbu Bains in the workplace and few quarrels will be witnessed between the two. All in all, Shruti will leave you in awe with her jaw dropping performance in the film.


Ninja is a Punjabi singer and actor by profession. his real name is Amit Bhalla. He made his singing debut in 2014 and started acting in 2017. He has appeared in few Punjabi films and has also won few awards for his amazing voice.

Ninja is playing the character of Vicky Ahuja in the movie and taking the backseat while being a great supporting lead actor in the film ‘Ardab Mutiyaran’. He is the love interest and later husband of Shruti Chadda in the film and constantly trying to solve conflicts between his wife and Babbu Bains who is also sharing a great bond of friendship with him.


Ajay Sarkaria made his acting debut with the film we are constantly mentioning. He is very handsome and a talented actor featuring as Rinku Bansal in the movie. Rinku Bansal is the husband of Babbu Bains in the film. He along with Vicky Ahuja are constantly seen trying to make peace between the two rivals that are their wives. Vicky Bansal is also in the back seat with Vicky Ahuja playing a very supportive role.



‘Ardab Mutiyaran’ with its name suggests the type of characters we are going to witness. The characters in the movie are introduced one after the other. The first one to make her presence known is Babbu Bains driving a Thar with ‘Ardab Mutiyaran’ inscribed on the wind shield of her Thar. She is seen fighting off goons with a baseball bat. Babbu Bains is a typical desi girl with a tomboyish personality. She is stubborn, headstrong and is always fighting for her rights and standing up for herself whenever it is needed. She is playing a role of a finance recovery agent in the movie. A desi-badass Jatti let her bossy attitude define herself and her actions.

Babbu and Shruti are competitive professionals. On the other hand, Babbu and Vicky Ahuja are observed to be good friends who are always willing to take sides for each other. As the movie continues, Babbu meets Rinku who falls in love with her personality and beautiful face instantly. Babbu falls in with Rinku eventually and they get married.

After marriage, Babbu is caught in moments where she is objectified for being a person who lives in villages. This scene is definitely going to be remembered for years.

The best part of the movie is the dialogue delivery of Babbu Bains, making the movie stand out in every aspect. This movie is a blend of different genres such as comedy, drama and a little bit of action by our very own jatti.

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You can also watch ‘Ardab Mutiyaran’ on Amazon Prime Video.

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