Apple Tv+ Gains Market Share In The United States While Netflix Loses It

Apple TV+, the streaming service of Apple Corp., is slowly and steadily establishing its elf in the OTT market of the United States of America. The streaming service has gained market share at the cost of loss of market share for the streaming giant Netflix. Here is a detailed overview of the market shares.

The Market Gain And Loss

Let’s start with Apple TV+. The streaming service in the last year, that is 2021, gained about 2% of the market share. The streaming service gained 1% in the last quarter of 2021 alone. That means people are slowly opting for the streaming service thanks to the fact that Apple has reduced its subscription cost to $4.99 per month. When you compare it to Netflix’s one-month cost, Apple TV+ is four times cheaper.

This gain though has not yet toppled Netflix of the top of the market share list but they have certainly lost market share. Netflix still holds 25% of the market second only to Amazon which holds 19% of the share. Then we have the Disney+ and Hulu both at 13% each, with HBO Max trailing behind in 12%. Rest 16% share is held by minor streaming services leaving behind the 2% of Apple TV+. Yes, number wise AppleTV+ is right now in last place but that is not the point. The point is Apple TV+ has been able to gain 2% of the entire USA OTT market share in cutthroat competition and that too only in a year. For Apple, it is yet another achievement.

Netflix will have to soon have to come up with a master plan to remain first place. For Apple, TV+ future looks bright but it will take years before they reach the no. 1 spot.

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