Apple Starts Examining The Folding Iphone For Feasible Release In 2022

Lately, it’s believed that the U.S based Smartphone manufacturer, Apple has been working on a smartphone that will be foldable. The company has been doing so to challenge the Korean Company, Samsung, as it has the most foldable smartphones in the smartphone industry. 

Furthermore, the company had also submitted a few patents for the same, however, this does not conclude that Apple is working on it in reality. But, it is said that the company may be thinking about foldable devices.  

There was some news that said that the company has been procuring a few samples of these devices through Foxconn and New Nikko. Furthermore, if the company happens to execute its plan as organized then we might get to see the very first foldable iPhone in 2022. 

 As per some reports, the company has been examining the samples. They are finding out about what would be better between OLED and micro-LED for their phone. 


It is believed that the company is going to accept display materials from the Korean smartphone manufacturer, Samsung. It is also said that the company is also evaluating the bearings and hinges that will be utilized on those smartphones. 

These bearings and hinges will be sourced from New Nikko and will be forwarded to Foxconn to assemble the same. These products will be tested for numerous actions. And the same will be done by New Nikko, the company that has been creating hinges for Macbooks

The U.S based Smartphone manufacturer, Apple is aiming to launch its foldable iPhone in the latter half of 2022. However, it is too ahead to anticipate the same. 

If in any case, Apple executes the plan as organized then it will be good news. Few patents portray the design of the iPhone. We might be looking at the clamshell flip design for the device. As of now, this design is embedded only in Motorola Razr. Few other designs such as the Samsung Galaxy foldable design might be seen. Several screens may be assembled by using hinges. 


Apple is yet to conclude its design. They might be done by selecting a design very soon. However, the company is not going to speak out loud about the same anytime soon.

Let us know your views on this update and stay tuned for more such tech news.


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