Apple planning to step into foldable iPhone Flip design, though it would take years to touch shelves after confirmation.

According to Bloomberg’s report, Apple may finally be working on foldable iPhones. Planning this new feature to launch Apple has allegedly developed folding screen prototypes to check out the measures and changes that need to be performed. But there’s nothing confirming that the company has finalized the design.

If we trust this then surely foldable iPhones are the next in the line but will take years to reach the shelves.

It’s true thatthis iPhone Flip is what we have heard rumours all around, but there’s nothing considering what could be the internal deliberation to give it a foldable design. The report says Apple has been dabbling with a number of foldable screen sizes. In this number, most are unspecified, apart from one. Its a large screen size of 6.7 inches which is exactly same for the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

To give a clear idea about the outer design, we can refer it to Samsung Galaxy Z Flip that’s recently launched with the same foldable screen concept.

However, in case any of the iPhone Flip or foldable is confirmed by the company its undoubtedly be something very difficult for them to change the entire line of production. Before Apple move this in the new foldable screen conceit, they will first look for customer repose and views reading this as it isn’t going to be a small change in the entire concept.

This is all we know about the new iPhone flip design from Bloomberg’s report and other sources. If you have any queries or suggestion regarding this, do let us know.


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