Apple filed a complaint against an american startup company Corellium who creates a virtual iPhone through which researchers can find out vulnerabilities in iphones and its Apple products.


Apple claimed that Corellium uses User Interface, operating system and other things that come in Apple products without their permission. According to Apple, Corellium violated the right of Apple and its products. 

The company lost the claim as Corellium said that it is just looking for loopholes in the Apple products and they are doing it for public welfare.

Apple also has a “Bounty Program” where the company invites white hat hackers to find out flaws in the system and then reward them. The company does so to find flaws in their product and remove them and become better. Corellium said that whatever they did was beyond the program and they are just helping the company find flaws.

Apple argued that the case is just the same as the billion dollar fight between Oracle and Google where the court rejected Google’s claim that they had full rights to copy Oracle codes to use in their system.


The judge completely rejected the argument and said that both the cases are not comparable. Correlium is adding new content in the IOS and it is not a direct competitor to Apple. 

The judge pointed to Corellium also as they may be in violation of some of the copyright acts where they can not interfere or breach the security measures of Apple. 

The judge has ordered both of the parties to submit a report of their statuses by January 11, 2020 through which the court will decide how to take the case ahead.

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