Apple Accidentally Leaked Massive Upgrade For iPads, iPhones

Tech giant Apple leaked vital information about its range of the latest iPhone and the iPad accidentally. And now, The leaks have got the Apple users talking vigorously about the new iPhone 14. The iPhone 14 is scheduled to release this year.

Thus, here are the most important things mentioned in the leaks. Read about them and join the conversation on iPhone 14. 

New updates are no more compatible with old devices

The first thing to note from the leak is that the new iOS that is being designed for the iPhone 14 may not be compatible with older iPhones. This is mentioned in the source code of the Apple iOS 15.5 beta version.

The source code states that the new iOS and the upgrades for the iOS will not be compatible with the older iPhones. The thing was spotted and highlighted by 9to5Mac. Non-compatible updates are not the only things that iPhone 14 will have.

A very interesting feature could be introduced in the iPhone 14. The details of the same are here as follows.  

Satellite calling finally? 

Yes, you read that right. iPhone 14 could feature satellite call. This is a feature that Apple has been working on for a lot of years now. Finally in 2022, through iPhone 14 it seems, the feature could become a reality. It has also been said that text messages could also be sent through satellite.

The leak though has hinted that this feature would only be present for emergency situations.

Also, this leak was provided by Mark Gurman. He works for Bloomberg. He gave the leak indirectly while talking about the Apple Watch. He said that Apple is working towards bringing satellite connectivity to the Watch.

And as the Watch makes calls through the phone, thus the new iPhone 14 will should feature satellite calling and messaging.

On the internet side things, the new iPhone 14 could be faster. This information comes from another leak. The details of the same are given below. 

Faster internet speeds

This Apple leaked upgrade has been provided by a leaker who goes by the name of LeaksApplePro. Apparently, this leaker is an Apple insider. The leaker has reported that the new iPhone 14 could have 3.0 speed. This means that the internet speed on the iPhone 14 should be hitting 4800Mbps.

This is way faster than the previous speed of only 480Mbps. The upgrade was due for a long time since the current 2.0-speed technology used in iPhones is there since 2012. 

Now, remember that the features mentioned here are merely leaks. The thing with leaks is that there is no guarantee of them becoming true. Previous year as well, it was leaked that iPhone 13 will have satellite call.

We know that it never happened. We are not saying it is a rumor this time as well. If the leaks are true the iPhone 14 will be a game-changer. It will be best to wait for the official announcement of the iPhone 14, before saying anything else.

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