Apple Iphone 12 Mini Reviewed On Video By A Youtuber

Apple has released its new iPhone 12 series. This series consists of two smartphones that are iPhone 12 as well as an iPhone 12 mini. 

The pre-booking for iPhone 12 began on 16th October whereas for iPhone 12 mini it began on 23rd October. These new apple phones were unfurled by the company at the Apple event which was held on 13th October 2020. 

A Romanian YouTuber, George Buhnici managed to get iPhone 12 mini through the pre-order. 

Subsequently, he had released a hands-on video of the new astounding iPhone 12 mini.He briefed us on the design, look, and then even compared it to the higher model, iPhone 12, and the other iPhone 12 pro that was released by Apple.


iPhone 12 mini is a tiny phone with a dimension as follows: 131.5 X 64.2 x 7.4 mm. It is a very compact smartphone. So those who love compact phone will be delighted with this phone. 

It is an extremely light weighted phone which weighs around 135 grams only. One could be enabled to use the phone just with a single hand.

This new iPhone is embedded with the recent chipset by Apple which A14 bionic. The phone comes with a super retina XDR OLED display which is 5.4″ long. iPhone 12 mini’s camera is undoubtedly astounding. They are as effective as those on the iPhone 12, both the front-facing as well as rear cameras.

Earlier, Apple had released its another compact iPhone that was iPhone SE 2020. When we compare both the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone SE 2020, the difference between dimensions is that the new iPhone is 7mm longer and 3mm thicker than the iPhone SE 2020. 

This new iPhone is the only smartphone by Apple with an enormous number of pixel-per-inch. And the count of PPI goes around 476 pixels-per-inch (PPI). 

However, the size of the notch on this smartphone is quite big when you see the size of the phone and it is identical to those on the regular iPhone 12 series. However, the Smartphone is pretty impressive. 


iPhone 12 mini is a very excellent phone to go with. One would not regret purchasing the same. Apple never disappoints its customers. You would enjoy this compact phone. 

Here is a quick glimpse of the video:


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