Here comes another development process update. Apple Hired Meta’s AR Communications Lead

AR/VR products are gaining popularity these days. They are the new toys that every grown-up kid wants and as usual, Apple is once again trying its hand into the new sub-genre of the tech industry. To give speed to this project apple is also hiring a bunch of human power.

About The Hiring 

So, Apple Hired Meta’s AR Communications Andrea Schubert. He was the communications and public relations officer for Meta. As reported by Apple he will be part of the team that will launch the new apple AR device. Now let’s see what this device is about. 

The AR Device

So, Apple is working on a new AR device. This thing will take the normal VR experience to a whole new level. The content in this AR device will seem much more real. There are going to be around 16 camera modules on this device. All these cameras will be 3D.

Device Specification

Inside the device, there are going to be 2 Sony OLED screens. These will be the new micro screens that Sony has been working on for quite some time now. The estimated cost for this product is between $2000 – $3000. The price tag can be justified by the fact that the device is going to be lightweight as claimed by Apple. It will make wearing a VR look old-fashioned. The new AR device will be able to replicate the things that are there in your hands into the game or video you are watching.  On the security side of things, the device is reported to feature iris recognition to provide the ultimate security. 

What type of devices will the AR device be compatible with is not clear yet.

General Expectations

We expect that the latest Apple products like the iPhone 13 and the future iPhone 14 will be able to support this device. It might also be possible that the latest iPads could also support this device.

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