Apple debuts first trailer for Cherry, starring Tom Holland

After Avengers: Endgame box office-smashing with a mega-hit, Apple decided to follow this with their new movie Cherry. Joe and Anthony Russo, director siblings have once again all set to take the directing duties for Cherry. Cherry is an Apple Original’s production with a combined packet of thrill and crime with Tom Holland, popularly known as the Spider-Man

Recently, Apple has officially released Cherry’s very first trailer on fans high demand. However, the trailer after being officially released received an American R rating. This R rating is for offending and brutal images, pictorial drug use, sexual content and pervasive language.

As per described by the production house, this movie shows an epic odyssey of war, romance, drug obsession, and crime scenes. The storyline rotates around Holland, who plays the role of a young man struggling to find out his stand on the globe.

Cherry: Release Date and Cast-

Admittedly, this is something we can’t easy to figure out the entire movie with a short trailer. The actual storyline of the main character looks clear to find his place in the world, but the journey to this isn’t ao easy to predict. In a trailer of 2 minutes and 54 seconds, there are repeatedly a number of changes in the tones, that makes it more difficult to predict the exact storyline.

However, It’s clear that the director siblings are not undergoing from a deficit of longing with this film Cherry. Although, all we have to see is whether this movie is going to be a cohesive whole or not.

Many of you don’t know and it’s a worth mentioning that after The Banker, Tom Holland’s Cherry will be the first Apple Original film to be released on big screens. The Banker got released last year on March 6. This was the time just before the pandemic hit, after which the entire theatrical model turned into turmoil.

Release Update- As per official confirmation, Cherry will debut in theatres this year on February 26. After which on March 12, 2021, this film will be available to stream for all Apple TV users with subscription.

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