Apple Deal: integrate TuneIn and iHeartRadio into Apple Music. Is It True?

This could be said Apple”s major step into voice-activated radio, we’re the company announced it officially that they now teaming up with TuneIn and iHeartRadio. 

TuneIn and Apple Music– 

This deal will eventually offer all listeners to access TuneIn’s 100,000-plus global radio stations. Users with Siri-enabled devices will be able to access thins in the Apple Music.

It’s quite easy where you just have to give a simple voice command to hear your favourite stations anytime. 

As per reports, iOS13 offered its first and major update where it introduced a new radio experience to Apple devices this is something that users are eagerly waiting for.

This device includes iPhone, iPad (with its first OS named IPadOS), CarPlay Apple Watch, AirPods, and HomePod.

What’s In The Report? 

TuneIn has a total of around 75 million monthly active users Al across the globe. After this deal, it’s integrated into iOS13, after which the graph changed. 

Now, more than 50 million Apple Music subscribers yes from all across the globe got direct access to TuneIn. And finally coveted content nearly on all Apple devices (over 1.4 billion).

iHeartRadio and Apple Music- 

After this deal and launch of iOS 13, all iHeart Radio’s Live radio stations will be now available through Apple Music. However, this will be accessible or to say run on devices with iOS 10 and higher! What you need to do is to simply say “Hey Siri, play [station name]”. 

Hola! Your favourite station is live. 

This is all about the Apple deal we’re Apple Music integrated with TuneIn and iHeart. For more such interesting deals and gadgets updates or review, Stay Tuned! 


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