Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has teased people with the hints of new announcements to come in near future. On Thursday, during the company’s first quarter earnings report, the CEO hinted that people might see some of the new updates or new categories and launches soon in the year.

The CEO played really smartly and said in a statement that they have got a lot of things in the list which they won’t be talking about but they think those things will contribute to the company. When he was asked about the future plans of the company in a Q&A, he answered that they were seeing lots of opportunities, but he did not specifically answer any of the questions nor did he say anything about the upcoming releases. 

Although Tim Cook did not say anything about the future plans of the company but he had made it clear that there is a lot that is yet to be seen from the company and upcoming years are going to be a rollercoaster for the company. Though there are some of the things which we could analyse through the statement of the Cook. The things that we will be discussing won’t include iPhone 13 as it has already been discussed a lot in the past.


The recently released M1 chip really impressed the audience with its super-fast speed and performance. we are expecting that the company might release more products like that in the future. The highly expected laptop to come with M1 chip is MacBook Pro in 14- and 16-inches variants. We might even get to see more updated and even better than the best chips from the company.


For those who do not know what Air Tags are, they are the Bluetooth enabled smart trackers which can be attached with any of the important things which might get lost. The user will be able to track it with the help of the smart tracker.


Guessing about the glasses is really a blind shot because there were not a single percent rumours related to this, but as a number of other brands are coming with AR glasses, we are hoping that Apple might also release their AR glasses.

Though these are just some guesses by us, these are highly expected ones to be released in near future by the company. So, which one out of the three are you most excited about?


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