Ao Ashi Is All Set for Their TV Release

Anime encompasses a vast range of genres, each with its own distinct characteristics. Shonen anime, for example, is the umbrella term for many of the most well-known anime series, like “Dragon Ball Z” and “Demon Slayer.” Many shonen series are constructed around a central fanciful idea, such as “Dragon Ball Z’s” superpowered Saiyans” or “Demon Slayer’s” unending samurai-versus-demons war. 

At the heart of the plot is a misfit youngster who will eventually achieve unequaled powers over the course of the series and is supported by a big and diverse supporting cast.

A substantial number of sports series fall under the category of shonen anime, which substitute magical superpowers with athletic proclivities. For example, the volleyball anime “Haikyuu!!” incorporates almost all of the aforementioned shonen tropes, albeit in a somewhat realistic high school setting rather as a magical environment.

Release Date

“Ao Ashi,” like other anime programs, will be based on a series of comic books. “Ao Ashi” by creator Ygo Kobayashi has so far appeared in the weekly manga anthology magazine Big Comic Spirits, as noted in the show’s announcement on Anime News Network.

 Naoki Urasawa’s “20th Century Boys” and Taiyo Matsumoto’s “Ping Pong” are two more prominent series that have launched in its pages.

Anime News Network also reported that the “Ao Ashi” manga won the best general manga prize at the 2020 Shogakukan Manga Awards, which are awarded annually by Big Comic Spirits publisher Shogakukan. Its anime adaptation was most likely made possible, at least in part, by the accolades bestowed upon its source work.

In Ao Ashi, who are the main characters?

Aoi Ashito is the main character in “Ao Ashi.” He’s a young soccer player from a tiny town who has been recruited to play in a larger, Tokyo-based league. Ashito, like many shonen sports anime characters before him, is a supernaturally skilled athlete. He has the ability to recall granular details from nearly all of his previous soccer matches, as well as heightened spatial awareness, which allows him to mentally map out the whole soccer field, including player placements, during matches.

Storyline of Ao Ashi

The plot of “Ao Ashi” follows the adventures of Ao Ashito, a young but promising soccer player. Ashito is competing in his neighborhood soccer league when the series begins, and he appears to have a substantially higher level of talent than most of his competitors. This piques the interest of Fukuda Tatsuya, who is in the process of recruiting players for the young soccer squad affiliated with Esperion FC, a fictional club affiliated with the real-life J. League, Japan’s top soccer league. The series then follows the trials and tribulations of the Esperion FC Youth Team’s quest to young soccer stardom.


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