Anxiety over the halt of the production owing to Covid-19: The Matrix 4 fame speaks out

The long-awaited sequel, a yet to release American science fiction film, The matrix 4 is all about to launch on December 22, 2021.

This 2020 seems to have much hatred on people of this universe. The widespread of coronavirus (covid-19) is one great instance. It completely shattered the people’s life without having any partiality. All-time running globe has been given a tentative end with this almost eightmonth lock down.

 As the number of covid-19 cases increased, all the film productions were enforced to put on a halt abruptly. As a result, the wait for The Matrix 4 got prolonged. 

When everything on earth is unpredictable and just imagine it’s a pandemic situation too. 

O Ghosh!!!

“Overall experience in The Matrix 4 was crazy and it has been like a whirlwind. But as of now feeling really grateful to have stamina and power to work in such a circumstance. Project which seemed to be cancelled is on work now. Feeling lucky” says Jessica Henwick.

Jessica Henwick and the team arrived in Germany before the rapid spread of covid-19 but within a week they had to put a break for it.

This coronavirus was not as people imagined, so they thought the project would be cancelled as things were not getting to normal routine and lockdown was also extended.Of course, what Jessica Henwick had in her mind was absolutely right. Such unpleasant situations would definitely put lots of questions and doubts in their mind. 

Star’s role and character:

Keanu Reeves is taking the role of Neo.

Carrie Anne Moss is taking the role of Trinity.

Jada Pinkett Smith is taking the role of Niobe.

Lambert Wilson is taking the role of The Merovingian.

Daniel Bernhardt is taking the role of Agent Johnson.

The casts of this film are pretty excited in the release of The Matrix 4 not just because they have given prominent roles but The Matrix 4 has rendered something beyond expectations. Though the movie had to stop in between for months together it has come out really well.

In the month of October, Jessica Henwick complemented that the director of the film Lana Wachowski would revolutionize the cine industry with the release of her movie The Matrix 4.

Actor Yahya Abdul Mateen II commented that the script of the movie is extraordinary. 

Let’s hope the same and keep getting the extraordinary updates. Stay with us!


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