Anthony Anderson Feels Heaven With Grandma’s Sweet Potato Pie Recipe: His Nostalgia

Anthony Anderson shares about his unforgettable experience on sweet potato recipe. “This recipe has occupied a special place in my heart that I always had one, actually I grew up eating the sweet potato pie” says Anthony Anderson.

Serious oath of the family:

Every Christmas, they used to have this recipe without fail. But (unfortunately for Anthony Anderson it seems) one particular year, the family were not able to have the sweet potato pie.

Can you guess the reason?

Nothing much…Each of them in the family thought that the other members of the family would be preparing it and it happened vice-versa. This incident was actually fun filled but probably not for Anthony Anderson it seems.

They are very much involved in the taste of the sweet potato pie that the family has taken an oath promising that no one should repeat the same thing without adding the regular spices in order to prank his family. He also took up the challenge as he said.

 Anthony Anderson made the unusual sweet potato pie and provided to his nephew and cousin to know whether they could identify the difference in the flavour. After the prank Anthony Anderson gave them the real pie with actual flavours on it. 

The family of Anthony Anderson gathers at his home for the holiday where they joyfully prepare other stuffing like macroni, cheese, turkey, ham, cornbread stuffing and other greens. But as of now the family has to follow the guidelines of social distancing to ensure their safety. “But still the spirit of cooking could not be altered” says Anthony Anderson.

In an idea of giving the #SpiceFactorChallenge he said that he would be giving a sweet potato pie 

Anthony Anderson family has a delicious formula in the making of this mouth-watering recipe. They combine the flavours like orange zest, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

Ingredients needed:

McCormick’s Vanilla extract



Packed light brown sugar 

Sweet Potato

And finally, whipped cream for the topping.

Anthony Anderson made his place so prominent by taking the main roles in many of the series. One could say that he proved his skill in series like “K-Ville” “The Shield” and “Law & Order”

He did not resist himself with just the series alone. The spirit of challenge pushed him to take part in feature films like “Me, Myself and Irene”, “Kangaroo Jack”, Agent cody Banks 2 : Destination London” and so on.

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