Ant and Dec from I’m a Celebrity respond to the 2021 lineup

I’m desperate for an escape as a result of my celebrity. Ant and Dec were ecstatic when the 2021 lineup was revealed.

Ant and Dec, the NTA record-breakers, teased fans of I’m a Celeb with a video of their reaction to the cast announcement, which has piqued their interest for season four.

Ant and Dec gushed about the new lineup, calling it “Oohs” as a chorus of “Ahhs” and “very, very good.” greeted them. “We’re happy with the outcome,” they said. Unfortunately, the presenters’ reactions reveal next to nothing, and they react with the same zeal to unknowns as they do to well-known faces.

However, Ant and Dec predict that a mystery celebrity will almost certainly be the campmate who must complete the first three Bushtucker tests, which will catch at least one of the “brilliant” contestants off guard.

Former runner-up Jordan North recently discussed his time in Wales, claiming that the country’s setting is more “sinister” than the series’ Australian setting.

“The castle, I believe, is very different from the jungle,” he says. In reality, I believe it will be more difficult. Even if you don’t plan on doing much in the jungle, you can simply lounge around in the sun all day if you want.

Jordan described the castle he visited in Wales as “cold,” “It’s a little chilly, damp, and dark here.” That had been a nightmare! This time, I believe it will be much more difficult.

In the year 2021, I’ll be well-known. When and where the film will be shot are both important considerations. But who exactly will be in the cast?

There has been speculation about who will appear on I’m a Celeb 2021

We’ll have to make do with what we know now until the official announcement of the 2020 model year lineup in mid-November.

Even so, speculation usually begins much earlier, so in case you were wondering, here are some possible names for the 2021 series.

In jade emas and thirlwall, there are three letters. Callum Mills (2020) is photographed by Getty Images in this MTV promotional image. Who? a member of the Little Mix girl group

How many levels are there in total? In an interview with Heart FM’s Amanda Holden and Jamie Theakston, Jade stated that she is open to the idea. So when she says, “I’ll give it a shot.” she means it. “I’m good at creepy crawlies,” she continued.


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