Ant and Dec explain “gut-wrenching” decision to leave SMTV Live

Recently, Anthony David McPartlin and Declan James Oliver Donnelly, also known as Ant and Dec revealed what prompted them to make a gut-wrenching decision to walk away from Saturday Morning Television Live nearly twenty years from their emotional departure,

SMTV Live was presented by Geordie duo and Birmingham-born presenter Cat Deeley on Saturday at 9.25 am. Moreover, it was loved by adults and kids who enjoyed watching this entertaining show to cure their Friday night hangover.

The show gained huge popularity, and people still remember its segments like Challenge Ant and Wonky Donkey. Now, the duo, along with Cat has turned the clock back. They are taking us back to the time in their reunion show The Story of SMTV Live.

The reunion show got released on ITV Saturday on December 26, which is celebrated as Boxing Day. Later on, the show was repeated on Sunday night. The group of trio lifted the lid and disclosed the secrets of the sow.

Why did Ant and Dec decide to leave the SMTV Live job twice? Here you will know why!

In the reunion show, the duo shared why they turned down the job not only once but twice. They also revealed how a stint in pantomime at Sunderland Empire helped to grow the ratings of the show, which was struggling against the BBC Saturday morning show Live and Kicking.

By the end of the throwback show, Ant and Dec opened about why they decided to leave the show in 2001. Friends spin-off CHUMS and Mariah Carey were the guests of the final episode. Cat’s character was getting married to Dec’s character, and Carey played as Cat’s bridesmaid.

Coming back to their reason behind their quitting the show, Ant revealed that they decided to leave the show, and ITV approached and told them that they have a new show called Pop Idol. the duo knew that they couldn’t handle doing both shows.

Dec shared that it was gut-wrenching to leave their SMTV because it was part of their lives. He continued that they gave three years, and he still hates the thought of leaving the program. Ant and Dec confessed that they missed the show. Even Cat got emotional and recalled the good times she had in the program.

Final WordsDid you miss watching the reunion show? Then you can stream the Story of SMTV Live here. Revisit our website daily for more entertainment news.


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