It has been the custom in Final Fantasy games that the voice recordings for the game characters are first done in the Japanese language as the game is Japanese. This time though things are happening differently. It has been reported that this time British English dubbing is happening first. The game’s producer has confirmed this fact and has provided the reason for the same.

 Let’s see what he has to say.


Naoki Yoshida is the game producer for Final Fantasy 16. He recently gave an interview at the Washagana TV. There when asked about the dubbing, he revealed that it was true that the English dubbing was taking place first.

He explained this by saying that the game is set in medieval England. To make the game even more authentic, they have decided to go for British English dubbing first. This does not mean that there will be no Japanese dubbing but it will take place a while later.


 When asked if he was supervising the dubbing, Yoshida said no. He explained that he did not like to go to these dubbing sessions as he feels it would interfere with the dubbing director’s work. This could lead to the dubbing artists getting confused over two different instructions.

He added that this has been the case for all the other Final Fantasy games.

Even when he had written the dialogues for the older versions, he never went to the dubbing sessions for reasons just mentioned. He said that all he does is suggest changes when they have a story meeting. When asked about when the game would release, Yoshida, did not say anything.

From what Yoshida says, one thing is clear that the new game has a very different setting. The change in dubbing routine suggests that we expect more changes in Final Fantasy 16.

Are we right or wrong? Only time can tell.

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