Anna Kendrick, Bill Hader ‘Secretly’ Dating For A Year: ‘Private People’

An anonymous source has told People magazine that Hollywood stars Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader are dating each other secretly. Here is the complete debrief of the matter.

The Secret Relationship

It is not the first time that the names of the two stars have been associated together. The pair has worked in the 2019 Disney movie Noelle. At the time of the movie’s coming though, there was no air about the potential relationship. Now it seems like the couple has been together since the 2020 lockdown period, as told to People by the anonymous source. The source has explained that the relationship was able to remain private because both Anna Kendrick and Bill are very private people and they are not very forthcoming about telling the public about their private lives. The fact that they got together in the middle of the lockdown of 2020 also helped in keeping the matter private. The anonymous source further told People that the couple is very happy being together.

Many people are speculating that as Bill had a catastrophic failure in his previous relationship with Rachel Bilson. The couple got separated in July 2020, right after six months of making their relationship public at the Golden Globes function. This explains the reason behind Anna and Bill keeping the relationship private till now. It also gives the clue that Anna and Bill got together after July 2020. It is really surprising that the internet has not already gone crazy about this news but then it is early as the news got to People only yesterday.

None of the stars has given any comments on the matters nor any friend, family or anyone close to them as spoken yet. Things will come out eventually though.

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