Animes have a different kind of fan following and it is so strong that often a video game based on the same is made. The idea may sound good as almost all Animes have good action sequences but the reality is rather disappointing. Today we take a look at the reasons why anime-based games are big disasters.


Everyone in this world wants to make profits. The same is true for video game companies. It is a natural thing and not bad. It becomes bad when the companies only care for profits. This is the case with almost every anime-based game. They think that the popularity of the anime will make the game hit but often these games have poor animations, game play and lousy plots. 


Another problem with these games is that the anime developers outsource the development of these games. They do so to save the money as outsourcing is cheap and they can make bigger profits. The result is the game is developed by a company that does not know anything about the anime. The parent anime developers also do not cross check and the result is a bad game.


With regards to animes, it is often seen that the games and the actual anime series are not in tandem with one another. Like an anime that was popular 5 years ago gets its game now. Or the game for say season 4 of an anime is coming out when season 6 is on air. The point is there is no coordination.


The biggest problem with anime-based video games is that all the games of a particular series are more or less the same. For example the games based on the anime One Pieces’ Pirate Warriors have literally the same characteristics. They differ very slightly. 

All these reasons make games based on animes just the worst games in all categories. Finding the example of good anime-based game is very difficult. Have you ever played an anime-based game that was actually good? Comment in the comment box.

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