One of the biggest companies in the industry, Amazon is working on a new device which will track the sleep of the user. It is an Alexa powered device which will use radar to check the signs of sleep apnea. 

Recently the company has announced another fitness band named Halo, it was just like any other fitness band but one thing unique in it was that it could monitor a person’s emotions by analysing their speech players at times during the day.

Unlike other sleep trackers which are mostly installed in smart watches, the device will not be required to wear on the wrist, it will be a small palm size device which could sit on a table and  use the millimetre radar. It will track the user’s breathing and check if there are any interruptions which might be linked to sleep apnea.

The idea of tracking sleep through radar has been there for a long time, there is not anything new. Almost every other company has tried it. A lot of big companies announced that their device will have the feature to track the user’s sleep by monitoring his breathing but most of the companies couldn’t launch the product.

Amazon has been working on this project for the past one year and it might take some more time before it will come to real life. As per the reports, the current testing device looks like a hexagon shaped pad connected to a metal wire. There are possibilities that the device would be able to track other sleeping disorders also.

The device will be the second step of Amazon into the health market. The first one was when it launched Halo. Though the company claims that Halo is not a medical device. The device will be able to tell you how well you slept last night and even encourage you to go to bed early if you did not sleep well last night.

The Alexa powered device looks promising, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to price. The price at which the product will be sold will decide its future in the market. There are other smartwatches and fitness bands doing the same jobs along with tons of other features. So Amazon has to set a fair price for the device in order to make the product sold.

What do you think? Do you need a sleep tracker right now?


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