For the first time in the past 15 years, It has happened that AMD has taken over Intel in the CPU market. Both the companies are rivals in manufacturing CPUs. Thanks to AMD’s Ryzen series of processors, It finally happened. 

As per the reports of PassMark’s Performance test benchmarking tool, it was found that AMD has got a 50.8 percent of market share worldwide while Intel stood at 49.2. Though the lead is not much bigger and Intel might take over it with its next launch. But till then, AMD is the one. 

It has happened after 15 years that AMD has taken the lead. The last time it happened was in 2006 where AMD had market share of 53.9%. But unfortunately, it soon lost the lead as Intel took it over. Intel completely nailed the CPU market with a market share of 80% by the end of the year 2016. Intel was then the biggest manufacturer of the CPU market with such a huge share.

The Ryzen series really worked well for AMD. The company released the Ryzen CPU in 2017 and after that, the company took off very fastly. As they released successors of the Ryzen, they started getting more and more market share and finally they have become the market leader today.

Let’s see if AMD will be able to maintain the position or they will slip down just like the last time. Given the intel is struggling with its now processors in the market and AMD’s new processors coming, it seems like AMD will be there on the lead for a long time.


While Intel has lost against AMD in the computer market, it is still the leader in the laptop and server CPU market. Around 83.7 of laptops in the market runs on intel hardware and AMD has a long way to go before they can lead here. Talking about the server market, Intel has completely dominated with a market share of 98.6 percent and rest 1% belongs to AMD. 

AMD has really got potential to rule in the other two markets also, all it needs is to keep making better products and they will be the market leader. 

By the way, which processor does your CPU power, Intel or AMD?


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