Amber Heard has been receiving a backlash on the internet. Recently, she lashed out on social media for the negativity she has faced. On the other hand, Amber said that she understands why the Jury favored her ex-husband Johnny Depp. She further added that he is a beloved character and a fantastic actor.

Amber Heard’s response to receiving negative backlash on the social media

The #DeppversusHeardtrial started on April 11, 2022, and the entire trial was live telecasted to the world. From the start, the witnesses and audio provided by Amber Heard’s team made everyone realize that Heard was making up everything to win the case. Johnny Depp was confident about his testimony, and all his facts and witnesses helped him win the trial.

After Depp’s win, Heard shared in her first sit-down interview that she has been receiving negativity on the internet after the latest legal battle. And she believes that her treatment has not been fair so far. In an interview on the American television network NBC’s ‘Today’ show, Heard shared that she understands why the jury favored Depp while reaching the final verdict.

Amber Heard continued that she doesn’t blame the jury and understands that Depp is a beloved character. He is a fantastic actor, and people think that they know him, she added. She referred to the negativity she has faced, and revealed that the treatment was unfair. Heard said that she does not care what others think about her or what judgments they want to make about what happened at her home, behind closed doors, and in her marriage.

Heard doesn’t presume the average person should know those things, so she does not take it personally. She continued that even if one person is sure that she deserves all the vitriol and hate, and thinks she is lying, they won’t be able to look her in the eye and tell her that they think there has been a fair representation on social media.

Amber Heard paid money to spoil Johnny Depp’s reputation after sharing false news in The Sun article

In May 2022, the jury of Virginia ruled that Heard had defamed her former husband Johnny Depp in the Washington Post in 2018, which was published under her byline. In that post, she talked about being a victim of domestic violence.

In the 2022 trial, the court ordered Heard to pay a sum of $10 million to Depp to compensate for the damages as well as $350,000 in punitive damages. The amount was given to him after he successfully persuaded the court that his reputation and career had been spoiled due to the 2018 article.

Previously Johnny Depp had lost a similar case in the UK after he sued The Sun, the red-top tabloid for calling him a wife beater and ruining his image. According to the sources, the judges favored Amber Heard and ruled that there was enough evidence to back up the allegation put forth by Depp.


Despite sharing her point of view, Amber Heard is still receiving hatred on all the social media platforms for still playing the victim card when all the evidence supports Depp. Come back to the website to know more about what happens next in Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s life after the April 2022 trial.

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