Amazon’s First Home Robot and the Technology That Powers It

Amazon’s annual autumn hardware live-streamed event in 2021, the company introduced a plethora of new Amazon-branded products to the public. For example, there is an Echo gadget that hangs on the wall and can be used as a digital whiteboard for the home, a ring security service that monitors activities on your property, and an interactive video chat site for children. In addition, Amazon demonstrated its Alexa-enabled Astro, a new camera-equipped robot that navigates your home while you are away from the house.

It is Amazon’s Wall-E – a robo-pet that combines artificial intelligence, Alexa, computer vision, sensors, mapping technology, edge computing, and ring technology, as well as live feed assistance, into a single unit. Understand the technology behind this new house robot and have a peek at everything it has to offer.

Amazon’s Astro is equipped with two Qualcomm QCS605 processors, one Qualcomm SDA660 processor, and one Amazon AZ1 Neural Edge processor. The AZ1 Neural Edge processor, which was introduced at Amazon’s hardware event last year and is the company’s first neural edge processor, is meant to do deep learning inference locally on the device in a fast and efficient manner. To integrate the AZ1 with MediaTek’s high-performance, low-power MT8512 processor, Amazon and MediaTek collaborated on the silicon level. The result is the latest generation of Amazon Echo smart speakers, which use the MT8512 chip. The AZ1 is equipped with a voice recognition neural network model developed by Amazon that is effective.

Intelligent Motion

While navigating through your home, Astro makes use of a technology known as “Intelligent motion,” which employs powerful learning algorithms and sensor fusion to manoeuvre around and avoid obstacles at the same time. Additionally, one can take use of the opportunity to video-chat using Astro, which will follow you around the room as you walk. The navigation and visual sensors not only allow the robot to move autonomously, but they also give it the power to develop a map of its surroundings on its own without the assistance of a human.

As part of the package, one can enrol in a six-month free trial of Ring Protect Pro, which allows them to have Astro proactively patrol their property, analyse suspicious activity, and save footage in Ring’s cloud storage for up to 60 days, among other things. If you sign up for a six-month free trial of Ring Protect Pro, Astro will cruise your home with its periscope camera, examining any unusual behaviour and saving films in Ring’s cloud storage for 60 days. Whenever Astro senses something unexpected, such as an unknown person or a strange sound, it will give you an alert via your smartphone. Check out some of the other things that Astro is capable of performing as well.


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