Remember the time when 3D printers came for the first time and all of us were super excited? We thought that now we could print anything we wanted. That dream is still to become a reality properly but the part of that dream will become reality very soon as Amazon is going to start making custom 3D printer t-shirts!


The online shopping platform will start a new brand named ‘Made for You’. In fact the brand was launched today itself. Amazon has planned to make these t-shirts using two photos of a customer as the model. Using software and the height and weight provided by the customer, the people at Amazon will produce precise, comfortable and perfect fit t-shirts.


 In order to lay your hands on your own custom made t-shirts, you will have to upload two full body pictures along with the height and weight information. You can choose the type of fabric, the colors, design, fitting, patterns and quotes to put on your custom made t-shirt. If you think that your photos could be misused then don’t worry as Amazon will delete the photos after the t-shirt has been made.


 The service is available for all types of users of Amazon be it customers with or without the prime membership. Customers can order these t-shirts from the mobile app as well as from the website. A normal Amazon account is must though. As to the cost of the t-shirts, right now one t-shirt will cost $25. The cost includes everything from the photo upload till the quotes part and even delivery but we recommend confirming the delivery part with Amazon.

So what are you waiting for? Go and order your custom made t-shirts for yourself and others. Let your imagination go wild. Create wild t-shirts for yourself and friends. Surprise someone with something special. We leave it to you. Do as you want to do!

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