Amazon Games addresses Lost Ark’s gender representation concerns

The gaming wing of Amazon, Amazon Games has come under heavy criticism for some gender representation ideas. The game in question is the online RPG game ‘Lost Ark’. What are the problems exactly and are they being addressed?

And what game is ‘Lost Ark’? If you do not know the answers to any of the questions then read on.

The problems

In recent times a lot of players have complained that the dresses or as they are known in the game, the “armor sets” for some of the female characters in the game are too revealing.

The fact that the characters in these revealing dresses were being used for game promotion and on game banners has offended a lot of players. Also, players have complained that a lot of classes in the game are gender fixed.

Meaning for a lot of the characters either their male counterpart or their female counter is not available in the game. As swiftly as the problems have been reported, action to correct the wrongs has already been taken.

Take a look at them for yourself next!

The solutions

The solutions to these problems are provided by one of the main publishers of the game, Amazon Games. The company has given its official statement to the Eurogamer journalism website.

In their statement, Amazon Games have first spoken about the issue of revealing dresses. Furthermore, they have said that they are working closely with the game developers to change the banners with the female characters in too revealing dresses. And, they will be also adding new dresses that are not that revealing. Moreover, the previous dresses will remain available in the game though.

Talking about the second issue, Amazon Games once again assured the players that the problem had been taken note of and male and female counterparts for each character from each class were being added in the game.

This thing though will take time and Amazon Games have asked the players to be patient. Now it may be the case that a lot of you do not know anything about the game. So, here is brief starter info about the game.

Lost Ark – The game

The game is an online RPG game focusing of PvP and PvE gameplay. It was developed by Tripod Studios and Smilegate RPG. Keum Kang Sun is the game director and Smilegate, Amazon Games and My.Games.

The game is available for playing on PCs. The game made its debut in Korea in 2019 and it was only in February of 2022 that the game became available across Europe and North America.

And also, not to forget, it is free to play. And it is expected to become available in more regions of the world in the coming years. 

So, that is all for now. We hope that all your questions have been answered.

If you live in Korea, Europe, or North America, then start your online ‘Lost Ark’ journey today. Believe us, you will love the game a lot. It’s quite engaging!

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