The deliveries of the U.S. based corporation, Amazon prime might shortly appear sooner than anywise following the well-known eCommerce published schedules to expand its transport line actually further.

The corporation has declared that it will acquire 11 Boeing 767-300 aircraft to broaden its line to adequately satisfy Prime consumers.

Out of those 11 used jumbo jets, seven of them will arrive from Delta airline and four of them are from WestJet. The four WestJet aircraft are presently being transformed to freighter aircraft and they will enlist the Amazon Airline later in the current year whereas the seven aircraft from Delta will be enlarged to the line in 2022 after their transformation.

Vice-President of Amazon Global Air, Sarah Rhoads clarified the cause behind which the company rendered the judgment to acquire its own aircraft for the initial time anywise in a media waiver, it said that:

Their objective is to proceed with delivering for consumers throughout the United States in the means that they anticipate from Amazon, and acquiring their own airliner is a normal following step to achieve that goal. Amassing a blend of both contracted and acquired airplanes in their accumulating line enables them to adequately govern their performances, which in turn assists them to maintain stride in conforming to their consumer guarantees. 


As per the corporation, Amazon, its Amazon Air fleet will acquire exceeding 85 airliners by the edge of 2022. The 11 airliners newly acquired by the corporation will be the initial aircraft it acquires fully whereas the rest have all been contracted.

Amazon initially inaugurated its fleet around in 2016 to lessen its dependence on the duo, UPS and FedEx. Whereas the corporation nonetheless utilizes third-party assistance for a few of its deliveries, the epidemic has stimulated its strategies to utilize its own aircraft to distribute parcels to consumers. 

In expansion to fresh aircraft, Amazon’s air center in Kentucky which has the potential for 100 aircraft is arranged to unwrap this year. The center is anticipated to deal a tallied 200 flights each day.

Amazon’s judgment to acquire its aircraft compels a tremendous deal of point particularly now that several airliners has plunged in value with limited people touring during the epidemic.

What are your thoughts on this expansion by Amazon? It is indeed great news. So do share your thoughts.


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