Life for the people of the LBGTQ community is not so easy. Even though we have made some gains, but the acceptability for them is still low.

And it is lower for the Trans people. Life for them is not really normal yet.

The best we can do is to understand them better and a new show is going to make that task a bit easier for us.


This new show is going to come out on the Amazon Prime streaming service. The show has been created by Jonathan C.

Hyde is also directing the show. The show is being produced by the likes of James Haygood and Shannon Lords-Houghton while the overall production is being done by three studios namely the Amazon Studios, Mutt Film, and Union Editorial.

The three studios are working in collaboration.

Furthermore, the trailer for the show came out on 21st October 2021 on the official Amazon Studios YouTube channel.

Check the trailer out here,

The show is reported to be available for streaming on Amazon Prime from 12th November 2021.


 The show is going to feature the real-life Jane Noury. Yes, it is a documentary.

The show will tell her story of how despite being Trans, her family always supported her and encouraged her to do whatever she likes.

As brave as she is, Jane decides to go through surgery to make the transition.

The show will have only 4 episodes, but these 4 episodes are going to be beautiful.

Always Jane is something very one as a sensible member of the society should watch.

Not only the show will make us understand Jane’s life but also that no matter who you are, changes for the better you are always good.  

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