All You Need To Know About Tessa Thompson’s Starrer “Sylvie’s Love”

Good news for the fans for Tessa Thompson as she is making her return to the screen with a romantic touch. 

The movie is going to feel you like ‘la la land’ or with dance, you will say ‘love is everything’. Let’s see what we have from our beloved Valkyrie.

Here is everything you are looking for….!

We get to know about Tessa Thompson from recent Marvel movies and perhaps it’s the best thing that Thor movies have done to introduce the force of nature, Valkyrie aka Tessa. 

Thompson has a very busy schedule for the upcoming year after the announcement that Valkyrie will have her own movie. She in meantime started another project where she will be seen doing romance.

Well, it is her first romance movie so it may pluck the string of your hearts or you will leave in between. But as an actress we all know, she is brilliant. 

According to Eugene Ashe, writer-director of the movie, the film Sylvie’s Love is centered around the early 1960s and is based on music and life.

Who will be in the cast?

Tessa herself playing the lead Sylvie. She will be joined by Nnamdi Asomugha who will be seen as Robert, Eva Longoria will portray Carmen, Aja Naomi King plays Mona, Jemima will be seen as Countess, Wendi McLendon-Covey will play Lucy, Alano Miller is Lacy, Tone Bell stars as Dickie Brewster, and Rege-Jean Page is the chico.


The story will follow a romantic story between Sylvie and a Saxophonist who has come in the summers to work in Sylvie’s father’s record store in Harlem. When they start meeting, they discover feelings for each other. Their story moves ahead and it takes years for them but love remains the same.

The trailer for the movie is out for watch, it will tease you to go and watch the whole love story between the two. 

Here you can watch the trailer, 

What can be the best time for the movie to arrive this year? Think a bit you will get it. 

If you are saying Christmas you are right. The movie will be out to see on Amazon Prime from 23rd December. You can watch the film with your loved ones and can enjoy the ‘Jingle bell’ together.


We can expect a good deal this winter. Christmas eve, a bonfire on, and your special one with you that’s gonna make a perfect Christmas. Well, merry Christmas in advance. Share your views with us.


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