All you need to know about Rogue Squadron

In recent times, the progress of Star Wars was in a state of ambiguity. No official information did we receive from the team. But as of now, few details were untangled in the Walt Disney Company’s Investor Day event. Various announcements were made by the Lucasfilm president Kathleen kennedy. 

They have planned for the release combinedly in Disney+ and big screen. The plans include shows like The Mandalorian Spinoffs, Leslye Headland’s The Acolyte series. But the level of excitement picked up when the announcement came for Rogue Squadron, the upcoming part of Star Wars. 

It will hit the screen pretty soon.

What this movie Rogue squadron is basically about?

Previously the plot of the movie was unrevealed but a little detail was made in’swrite up. The main crux of the story is that it revolves around a new generation of starfighter pilots who get their wings. Circumstances pushes them into a state of risking their own lives. The movie surprisingly will take the audience to the future period, to the galaxy of future times.

So, who are all taking part in?

As of now, the team has not revealed any information regarding the cast and the characters. Once the news arrives of cast, we will update immediately. Let us wait until then.

Who is the maker of this movie Rogue Squadron?

Patty Jenkins is directing the Rogue Squadron. She holds her own personal reasons for making this project come true. She has some personal connect with this film. 

It is a known fact that her father was a fighter pilot. She opened up her heart saying that it was her life time wish to direct a film on the theme of fighter pilot. She always hoped for it to happen one day. 

Since her father was also a great fighter pilot, she carries more of memories of her father in herself. She lists out her cute memories like watching the father’s squadron taking off in the F4 each day morning, and the hearing and experiencing the awe-inspiring power and grace. When time took her father to heaven, as he did service to his country, she firmly held a dream about bringing all those feelings and passions in to a single movie. 

Eventually, she adds saying, she takes the film with much honour and great excitement.

Check out the official teaser of Rogue Squadron. Here is the link.

and let us know how you found the quick glimpse.


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