To all “The Masked Singer” fans out there, the news regarding season 4 has been recently dropped down. All must be wondering about who are going to get featured in the show this time. 

Here is the list of some predictions given by Nick Cannon regarding the 16 contestants and guests going to get featured in the show this time.

Here you can get it too-

The Sun (LeAnn Rimes)- Winner of season 4.

Ascertained by having Disney Logo, “Frozen”, revealing her to be actress LeAnn Rimes. 

The Mushroom (Aloe Blacc)- First runner up.

Known by “Who is under my hats?”, revealed to be singer and lyricist Aloe Blacc. 

The Crocodile (Nick Carter)- Second runner up.

Revealed by an Italian Flag, fish under pineapple, and “special set of keys is my lucky charm”, he was none other than actor Nick Carter. 

Seahorse (Tori Kelly)- Till episode 10.

Recognised by Emotion Ocean, tea and poodles, she was pop singer Tori Kelly. 

The Jellyfish (Chloe Kim)- Till episode 10.

Clued by her glowing and shiny beautiful face, was rude very much and was known by the sound “brrrr”, she was Olympic gold-medallist in snowboarding- Chloe Kim.

Popcorn (Taylor Dayne)- Till episode 10.

Known as delightful and dynamic, jewelled starfish, a goldfish with hoops, a proud celebrity with going around personality, she was revealed as singer and style icon of 1980s, Taylor Dayne.

Broccoli (Paul Anka)- Till episode 9.

Charactered by his “six-pack abs”, letterman jacket, and roulette wheel, he was an eminent actor and performer Paul Anka. He was the one who sung the song “Old Time Rock and Roll”. The only judge who ascertained him with perfect accuracy was Robin Thicke. 

Serpent (Dr. Elvis Francois)- Till episode 8.

He was the one who appeared suddenly, was recognised by banana, map of the Caribbean, and by musicology. Want to know who he was?

He was singing sensation Dr. Elvis Francois, and orthopaedic surgeon by profession. 

Whatchamacallit (Lonzo Ball)- Till episode 8.

He started his time by magic, he was the one who can dance with the stars and buzz with the bees, known by the khakis. He was revealed as eminent rapper and point guard Lonzo Ball.

Snow Owls (Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black)- Till episode 7.

Revealed by Red rose, Magnolia, and family reunion, the pair came out to be singing sensation Clint Black and actress Lisa Hartman Black.

The Squiggly Monster (Bob Saget)- Till episode 6.

Hinted by puppy and the wild child, he sung “Satisfaction”, he came out to be comedian Bob Saget.

Lips (Wendy Williams)- Till episode 5.

Clued by “Dishes go deep”, she is none other than talk show queen Wendy Williams. 

Baby Alien (Mark Sanchez)- Till episode 4. 

A horseshoe and a parade float. Yes, you guessed it right. He is former NFL quarterback Mark Sanchez. 

Giraffe (Brian Austin Green)- Till episode 3.

His career was a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Recognised? He is actor Brian Austin Green.

The Gremlin (Mickey Rourke)- Till episode 2.

Known by Gremlin Manual and 66.5 degrees, he came out to be actor Mickey Rorke.

Dragon (Busta Rhymes)

Known to be creative, and by stock and bonds, he is none other than famous writer Busta Rhymes. Our talented judge Robin Thicke guessed him correctly.  

Now, all you have to do is to stay tuned to get more updates. 


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