As the second season of Outer Banks has just aired, it’s too early to speculate on a third.

In July 2020, Netflix approved the release of season 2 of OBX, just three months after season 1 was released. So we may presumably expect season 3 in 2022 or 2023, based on the timing between the first two seasons. Netflix hasn’t made any formal announcements, but Chase Stokes said he’d be happy to continue portraying John B and continue his journey.

“I’d want to keep it was running, but it all relies on how people react to it. Chase said, “We’re hoping that people will connect with the storey and fall in love with not only the Pogues but the entire Outer Banks environment.” This is a fascinating group of people. Wheezie’s adventure or the war’s journey intrigues me.”

In an April 2020 interview, it was reported that OBX’s creator and showrunner, Jonas Pate believes it will last four or five seasons.

‘We’ve always thought of it as a four-season show, or maybe a five-season programme. In a sense, we’ve dragged it out a long way. That is all I’m hoping for,” said Jonas.

If the show is renewed, all of the Pogues — John B., J.J., Pope, Kie, and Sarah — will likely return. It makes sense for them to return because so much of their storey has yet to be told.

After helping the Pogues in OBX 2, there’s a potential that Wheezie and Cleo will be back for another season. ELLE spoke with Carlicia Grant, who portrays Cleo, about her desire to see a romantic relationship grow between her and Pope.

Clara is faced with the dilemma of assisting John B, and the rest of the Pogues uncover the shroud after receiving a letter from his half-dead father in season 2. Big John is still alive will be a significant story factor in season 3, although when he finds out is yet unclear. Ward and Rafe, who killed Big John and committed other crimes to prevent the Pogues from advancing in their hunt, should be held accountable for their conduct.

The season may follow the Pogues as they make their journey home to the OBX, as well as their grand scheme to steal back the gold and cross of Santo Domingo.

Kie and J.J.’s romance may develop in season three; Madison Bailey told Cosmopolitan. “As fiery individuals, we are both open to new and outrageous ideas. There’s just something about these two individuals that makes them compatible,” Madison remarked on the matter.

Madison reflected on the near-death experiences she had over the first two seasons of OBX. “In season 3, someone must die. A real person has to die for the sake of a genuine person.”

The third season of OBX isn’t confirmed yet, so that we won’t hear about a release date anytime soon. However, we might expect it on Netflix in 2022 or 2023, based on the timing between seasons 1 and 2.


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