6666 and 1883, two spin-offs of Yellowstone, will air on Paramount+ in the following years, while the original series remains the most-watched cable series.

An earlier generation of the Dutton family migrates from Texas and Montana in Y: 1883, which Paramount+ is producing.

So far, the characters and plot of the eagerly awaited Yellowstone prequel have been disclosed.

James and Margaret Dutton, who play husband and wife, are real-life husband and wife country music icons. Tim McGraw will portray James, while Faith Hill will portray Margaret.

“Friday Night Lights” star McGraw has been in films such as “The Blind Side” and “Four Christmases.” Acting credits include The Stepford Wives revival from 2004 and Dixieland, a 2017 drama.

An Oscar-nominated actor with over 100 credits sits among these less seasoned performers. As Shea Brennan, Sam Elliott, from A Star Is Born and The Ranch will star.

“The Dutton family embarks on a westward trek through the Great Plains in search of the final stronghold of untamable America,” according to the official Paramount+ synopsis. One family flees poverty to seek a better future in America’s promised land, Montana. It’s an intimate study of one family’s journey.” Similarly, a report in Deadline warned that this gang would quickly run into trouble with the Native Americans who live in the area they are taking over.

There, Elliott’s “tough as nails, an attractive cowboy with a tragic past” will be in charge.

It was described as a “stark recounting of Western expansion and an intimate study of one family fleeing poverty to seek a better future in America’s promised land – Montana” when it was first unveiled in February of this year.

So far, we have no idea when Y: 1883 will premiere or when a trailer will be released.

There is a good chance that 1883 will arrive in spring 2022. According to Deadline, Yellowstone season 4 will air on The Paramount Network in November 2021. In addition, “The Originals” will return in fall 2021, according to a first-look trailer for season 4.

The production for Y: 1883 is slated to begin in late summer 2021, which is expected to shoot shortly.


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