First reported in June of this year, Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis, the writers of “Five Feet Apart,” will open the “Nightbooks” movie adaptation. “Brightburn” filmmaker David Yarovesky will helm the upcoming feature, we learnt over a year later. It’s also worth noting that Sam Raimi is listed as one of the producers of “Nightbooks.”

A release date for “Nightbooks” has not been disclosed, but we do know that Netflix aims to release the original film by the end of the year. Our best guess as to when it will be streamed is a few months from now. The film’s genre will be horror, albeit a kid-friendly one. Due to this, it’s likely that “Nightbooks” will premiere on Netflix sometime in October.

Netflix usually releases trailers roughly a month before a new movie or TV show debuts on the service. So if Netflix plans to debut “Night books” in October, we’re unlikely to see a trailer until September. This would be the case, for example, if the film is slated to arrive in November.

Netflix’s “Nightbooks” is based on J.A. White’s 2018 YA novel of the same name. The narrative of White’s novel is described on his official website “In “Nightbooks,” Alex is trapped since he has run out of pages to read from, and Natacha is joyful. He’s always loved horror stories, and he knows that most don’t end well. However, the fact that Alex is now caught up in an actual nightmare makes him yearning for a different ending, as well as an escape route.”

“Scheherazade: A Modern Spin” is described on White’s webpage, which adds curiosity. As a character in “One Thousand and One Nights,” Scheherazade is known for telling her husband captivating stories for 1,001 nights to prevent him from killing her. As Alex and his dark storey retell Scheherazade’s tale, it is certain to be a compelling introduction for younger people. As for the Netflix movie, it will be interesting to watch how it takes a potentially terrifying scenario for a youngster and transforms it into an adventure that is palatable on the big screen for those families who are eyeing it at their home for their comfort. 


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