All The Details About Big Sky Season 2

A David E. Kelley series, Big Sky, is based on the C. J. Box Highway series of novels and is
a crime drama/thriller. During its first season, Big Sky had 16 episodes, which the viewers
favorably received. November 17, 2020, marked the launch of the series on ABC, which
was a fall entry in the 2020-2021 TV season. It will return in May 2021 for a second season.

A private investigator and an ex-cop, Cassie Dewell and Cody Hoyt team together to find two
sisters who have been stolen by a truck driver on a Montana highway. However, when they
see that these are not the only victims who have vanished in the neighborhood, they must

race against the clock to apprehend the criminal before another girl is kidnapped.
Now that Big Sky Season 2 has been officially announced, we can look forward to its debut.
According to the show’s website, the second season of Big Sky will launch on September 30, Hasn’t it been a long time in coming? BigSkyAbc’s official Instagram account also
confirmed the news. The series has been renewed for a second season in May 2021, as
previously reported. There are more secrets to unravel in Season 2!
On its official Twitter account, BigSkyAbc said, “More twists are coming.” For the viewers,
it’s certainly a treat. 
Elwood Reid will take over Kelley’s duties as showrunner in Season 2. Executive producer
Kelley will continue to participate in the creative process. Big Sky’s second season is
expected to feature the same cast as the previous season. Although a lot has happened in the
past two seasons, the ensemble is set to return for a third season that will be just as exciting.
Following is the list of the cast:
 Kylie Bunbury is Cassie Dewell
 Brian Geraghty is Ronald Pergman
 Anja Savcic is Scarlet Leyendecker
 Jesse James Keitel is Jerrie Kennedy
Most of the actors, as mentioned earlier, and actresses are likely to return for season two.
After a cliffhanger ending in Season 1, we may expect more of the same in Season 2.
Cassie and Jenny will most likely solve crimes that the police are unwilling to investigate like
a detective duo. We don’t know for sure, however, because Jenny is involved. In an interview
with TV Insider, Reid said: “I’m not willing to commit that you’ll see Jenny again.” However,
if they do explore Rick’s twin, that might create a lot more intrigue. There are “one to two
huge mystery arcs” that Reid says would “shake up our universe” in season two, he says.


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