All Of Us Are Dead – Details On Release, Cast, And Plot

Another zombie show from South Korea has aired. Make a note on your calendar to view All of Us Are Dead, since it will be ready to watch in just a few minutes.

It is based on Joo Dong-webtoon Geun’s titled Now at Our School. Between 2009 and 2011, the webtoon aired. The newest Korean zombie drama is titled All of Us Are Dead. It’ll be available on Netflix.

Release Date updates on All of us are Dead

On April 12, 2020, Netflix revealed for the first time that they will develop this adaptation of a famous webtoon. However, owing to an increase in COVID-19 instances in South Korea, the production process was postponed in August 2020.

Casting Members and Plotline Updates for All of us are Dead

Some names have already been confirmed for inclusion in All of Us Are Dead. Chung-san is played by Yoon Chan-young, Nam-Ra is played by Cho Yi-Hyun, Lee Soo-hyuk is played by Park Solomon, On-jo is played by Park Ji-hoo, and Yoon Gwi-Nam is played by Yoo In-soo.

Bae Hae-sun will play Park Eui-won, Shin Jae-Hwi will play Chang-hoon, Kim Byung-Chul will play Lee Byung-chan, Jo Dal-hwan will play Jo Dal-ho, and so on. According to reports, this program will follow the narrative of a group of students who are stuck in their school during a zombie virus breakout and must survive the zombies.

The South Korean film and drama business is improving and generating popular films and series on a regular basis. From Parasite to Squid Game, South Korea has established a world-class film industry with a global reputation.

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