Reginald The Vampire Release Date, Cast, And Plot

There was a time when vampires weren’t considered attractive. First portrayals of this mythological blood-feeder maintained considerably truer to its horror roots than the slick and sophisticated Edward Cullen-Esque vampires of today. Bran Stoker’s Dracula was hardly the sophisticated gentleman we think of him as today. On the other hand, vampires have always been extremely powerful, both physically and in terms of magical abilities.

In the meantime, it appears that a new series is seeking to rewrite parts of the common mythology around vampires. Reginald the Vampire is based on Johnny B.’s novel series “Fat Vampire”. ‘Truant’ depicts the story of a vampire who isn’t exceptionally beautiful or powerful. It’s just a shame that every other Vampire is both gorgeous and strong at the same time. Fortunately, being the only heavyweight immortal around has its perks.

Much more to be discovered about this new Syfy drama. Despite this, Syfy has leaked a few details about the show; particularly it is lead. Here’s everything we know about “Reginald the Vampire” so far.

Reginald the Vampire premiere date is one of the few things we don’t know for sure. A launch date for the show has yet to be confirmed, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This is made more difficult because Syfy hasn’t revealed how far along the development process is.

The popular Syfy show “Wynonna Earp” was first announced in 2015 for comparison’s sake. However, when it comes to the show itself, it won’t air until 2016. In 2022, audiences may expect to witness “Reginald the Vampire.” However, there is still a lot of uncertainty. There aren’t many details about the production process for this show, so that it may be still in the early stages.

However, Syfy has landed a major name that will attract some Marvel fans to “Reginald the Vampire.” Jacob Batalon, who plays Spider-best Man’s buddy Ned in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has been cast as Reginald Baskins, the show’s title character. About Reginald, we know that he used to be an average mortal guy who was overweight before turning into an undead monster that appears to be below average in every way.

It’s still unclear who will play the rest of “Reginald’s Vampire” army. Just know that after becoming a vampire, Reginald is thrust into an entirely new universe filled with incredibly beautiful and athletic vampires who don’t seem to value Reginald’s appearance and ability. Whoever Syfy casts as these handsome vampires. Whoever they are, they will make Reginald’s success all the sweeter.

From what has been revealed thus far, “Reginald the Vampire’s” premise should be clear to fans. As Reginald Baskins, Jacob Batalon portrays an overweight man who is one day transformed into a vampire. His vampire coworker, Maurice, changes him, and he rapidly learns that his unhealthy lifestyle is detrimental to his ability to be a vampire. Reginald’s situation improves as he discovers his special skills. Reginald has to make key decisions about what it means to be a vampire as he learns to deal with other undead.

Vampire culture, known for its self-assurance, believes he is unworthy of continuing in such a miserable position. It’s up to fans to figure out how he manages to avoid a second death and possibly earn the respect of his undead peers when Syfy finally releases the series.


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