Yogi Adityanath held discussions with filmmakers and producers earlier this week in Mumbai to build India’s largest film city in Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, where he also met with Akshay Kumar and discuss Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film Ram Sethu and to give the film’s story even more reality Akshay Kumar wants to shoot this film in a real location in Uttar Pradesh.

What is the discussion about?

Ram Setu’s film is based on the truth of the Rama Setu Bridge, associated with the history and faith of hundreds of people of India. Through this bridge (Setu), Shri Ramchandra’s army reached Lanka and defeated Ravana in battle there. In this, a man inside his journey makes sure that Ram Setu Bridge is real or is a myth.

The film’s directors Abhishek Sharma and Akshay Kumar wanted to shoot this film inside the real location of Ayodhya and that is why Akshay Kumar met Yogi Adityanath and according to our sources the meeting has been successful and Akshay Kumar started in his upcoming film Ram Setu shooting in Ayodhya from mid-2021.

It is noteworthy that Yogi Adityanath wants to build India’s largest film city inside Uttar Pradesh, due to which he met filmmaker and producer at Trident Hotel in Mumbai and his meeting with Akshay Kumar was also successful. Apart from this, Akshay Kumar’s upcoming films are Bell Bottom, Rakshabandhan, Prithviraj, and Bachchan Pandey.


Akshay Kumar continues to give very different films to his fans. His last film was Laxmi Bomb and he is now bringing a Ram Sethu film associated with Lord Shri Ram to his audience and now it has become even better to get permission to shoot at the real location by the Chief Minister of UP. Akshay Kumar fans are looking very excited about the upcoming film Ram Setu.

Akshay Kumar has always given a wide variety of messages to his fans through his films and he appears with a greater positivity inside his films and this positivity is the main reason for his films to earn more at the box office. Now it has to be seen what kind of role Akshay Kumar plays in the Ram Setu and what new he brings for his fans. Tell us how excited you are for Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film Ram Setu.

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