Akbar V’s full name is Valerie Raven. Akbar V was born on August 22, 1989, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Every year on August 22nd, she celebrates her birthday.

In two years, on December 31st, 2022, she will turn 23. Her zodiac sign is Leo. She earns a career as a singer, rap artist, and YouTuber.

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Her parents raised her in the Atlanta metropolitan area. Her mother died in 2007. She had to deal with a lot of hardships when she was younger.

Her education was completed at a public school nearby. She is a US citizen who possesses dual citizenship as an African-American and an American.

She is a practicing Christian. As far as we know, Akbar V has no known parents, and we don’t know what they do. She also recorded a song for the occasion as a tribute to her late mother. Akbar V’s cousin is Kandi Burruss.

Akbar V was struck by Young Thug in an Atlanta nightclub in 2017 while fighting with the rapper’s fiance Jerrika Karlae. Akbar V has undergone gastric sleeve surgery to lose weight.

Akbar V’s Net Worth

The Most Recent Information On Akbar V’s Love Life And Relationships

Terry is Akbar V’s love name throughout his love life. Terry and Akbar V have been dating for eight years. The two people’s relationship is going well.

Her partner is supportive of her career endeavors. Akbar V understands what it’s like to be stretched thin as a mother of five children.

We don’t know what the names of the children are. Dulay, Akbar V’s son, aspires to be a rapper like his mother. Her children are not in her custody.

If you know Akbar V’s age, could you please tell me? In 2022, we’ll let you know. We’ll give you her height, weight, and any other information we have on her.

She will be the oldest person on the globe when she turns 33 in 2022. She has a height of 5’6″ “and weighs 61 kg Her physical characteristics need a combination of her height and weight.

She is a well-known rap artist as well as a well-known character on the internet and on YouTube. Forget about Akbar V. It’s tough to forget her. Her dark hair and brown eyes round out her appearance.

Akbar V’s Earnings And Salary

Akbar’s love and hip hop net worth, it goes without saying that Akbar V is a well-known rapper, artist, and YouTuber. Many of her admirers are curious about her net worth and salary. The salary of Akbar V has not been disclosed.

How much is Akbar from the talk worth? She makes a nice living in her field of work. She has an estimated $2 million net worth as a musician, rapper, social media star, and YouTuber as a result of her work and profession.

She is well-known as one of the world’s highest-paid celebrities. She already has a sizable social media following on Facebook and other platforms. She is a well-known artist and rapper, as well as a well-known social media personality and YouTuber with a substantial net worth.

She’s a well-known musician, rapper, social media personality, and YouTuber whose work has always gotten a lot of attention. Those who are unfamiliar with Akbar V can benefit from images and photographs of him.

Images of her and Akbar V can be found on this page or by searching Google. Her Wikipedia article can be found here. As a result, it’s safe to expect that her net worth and salary will rise further in the next years.

Akbar V’s Earnings And Salary

Akbar V’s Occupation

Akbar rapper made his rap debut in June 2016 with ‘Panda Freestyle.’ RIP Mama, “3 $ No Tax,” and Rehab “When they were played on radio stations, Akbar V became a household name in the southern rap scene.

He is well-known and renowned for his rapping abilities and melodies. Akbar V was dubbed “YSL First Lady” by her fans while she was a member of the Young Thug-founded label.

She has gained a considerable following after opening her YouTube account on October 10th of last year. She still uploads videos and other content to YouTube, vlogs, and other websites.

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In 2016, Akbar V Net Worth song RIP Mama became an international phenomenon. She also has a prominent YouTube channel where she posts videos about her career and is well-known for it.

Akbar V has performed songs such as Right Now, Love, Let Me Live, Leaked, Wait, and Queen. Her music may be found on Spotify, YouTube Music, Hungama, and Wynk, to name a few platforms.

She will appear on ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ when it launches in 2020. Her appearances on the show were in both the eighth and ninth seasons. Akbar V has been dubbed “Queen of Atlanta” and “King of Atlanta.”

 Akbar V’s Family

Valerie Raven is her real name, and she is an actress, singer, and songwriter. This page contains Valerie Raven’s biography for anyone who wishes to learn more about her family and who she is. Her husband’s name was Mr. Terry, and they were married.

He has a relationship with us, and we’ll tell you everything about it right now! What were Akbar V’s weight, height, and childhood like? Then keep reading on this page to find out!

Conflict Between Akbar V And His Bboyfriend

Valerie Raven is unrivaled in the profession as a singer, songwriter, and actress. She is thought to have been born on August 22, 1989, in Georgia, United States.

According to social media allegations, her husband’s name is Terry. Please keep reading to learn more about her personal life, including details on her child.

What is Akbar V Real Name?

Akbar V’s real name is Valerie Raven

What Is Akbar V’s Age?

Because her birthday is August 22, 1989, she was born on that day. When she was apprehended, the woman in question was 32 years old.

Valerie Raven Was Born In Which City?

Ans. She was created and brought into the world in the great state of Georgia.

How Is Akbar V Related To Kandi?

Akbar V and Kandi are said to be co

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