Air Pods Pro 2 May Come With Lossless Audio Support And A Charging Case That Makes Sound

Ming-Chi kyu send a report that says that Air pods 2 is coming with the case that make sound. It will be easy to find them in case of misplace. The air pods may support the ALAC codec.

Everything You Know About This News

There is still no air pods made with the lossless audio system. It is the system where original files are stores as it is to increase the quality of the sound. It is a form of audio compression with great quality.

Even the airpods Pro max does not have this feature. It can be connected to devices with Bluetooth. Bluetooth connection limits the codec to the AAC and hence reduces the quality of the sound.

Disadvantages Of Lossless Model

Along with the pros, there is a major disadvantage of using the lossless feature. It may take more space for storage at any apple device. Because of this, online sound streaming may end up the mobile data very soon.

If the second generation air pods do not support this ALAC then apple company has to say goodbye to the Bluetooth connection and adapt some new technology.

Vice president of Apple Geaves said that they are working hard to get maximum from the Bluetooth connection. However, they have some tips and tricks to overcome the Bluetooth limitations. A wider bandwidth will work good in this case, he added.

Currently only air pods make noise when you try to locate them with the help of a find my device feature. But now apple develop a case that will also make sound. Ming also says that apple is planning to launch the new airpods in the fourth quarter of 2022. Are you guys excited to try out the new air pods 2 with some new features.

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