Artificial Intelligence has been doing one the coolest things than any system could ever do and now they are planning to do even those things which we used to think that a computer program could never be able to do.

It was not a big deal to accept that a computer program or machine might be able to learn some English grammar phrases and snippets of texts based on the information provided. It might even be able to write some great articles too but do you think it can even write a novel with fictional characters and a cool fictional story? Yes, it is possible with the future that AI has got.


what Artificial Intelligence do is that it learns all the language models and grammar related contents in no time and then it scrutinizes whole data to learn the proper word selection and using the proper rules of grammar.

Though there have been cases where AI did not do well as per the expectations of writers. They had set a high standard for writing great content but the AI could not do it. The AI used to get confused with the different sentences and paragraphs and failed to connect the multiple paragraphs on the same storyline. Though it was able to write a great content but it used to feel like every paragraph is telling a different story.

However, the researchers are working on solving that part of the problem too by installing even bigger language models and better techniques in order to get better results.

There is a company named OpenAI which is the custodian of a technology named GPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer) which is currently running on third generation.

Company’s third generation model is the most powerful and smart version having more than 175 billion parameters and it is capable of generating human like text on demand with just a few prompts. Even the Microsoft got so impressed with its performance that it has entered into an agreement with the company for GPT-3 to integrate with their products and services.

We will soon know get to see the results by the integration between both the companies and with the growth that AI is achieving we are expecting a really great revolution by the technology.


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